About The Lum Collective

Lum is for purpose-driven entrepreneurs, coaches, and creatives. We design and develop identities and websites that empower brands to thrive. In deploying a methodology that bridges the gap between professionalism and intuition, we offer a very unique experiential and intuitive design process that results in stunning design product.

Lum is an incubator for purpose-driven, lifestyle-crafting entrepreneurs who crave to supplement or move beyond their 9-5. Think lifestyle by design, with design. You might say Lum is THE destination for new entrepreneurs looking for not only the brand and web design needed to launch their passion project or business, but also the support and guidance that’s so craved and not always addressed in a typical design process.

Our client family includes self-development industry thought leaders, NY Times best-selling Hay House authors, industry-disrupting creatives, and more!

Our Story, from Founder Jenny

This company started as a passion project (in an Airbnb in Copenhagen) that manifested through serendipitous happenstance as I was traveling through Europe in search of my true purpose, the career I knew I was meant to have, if I could just figure out what that was! (Hint: I found it, and it rhymes with groom). The story continues... 

A unique background:

My background is in marketing and technology sales. I’ve sold almost every type of advertising medium you can think of since the beginning of my career; most recently (2010-2015) I sold cloud-based technology solutions to Social Media Directors of Fortune 1000 companies. I worked hard and learned a ton, but that quiet voice telling me to create got louder and louder until it could no longer be ignored. 

Answering the call: 

After a lot of soul searching (and a bit of adventure and inspiration while abroad), I came to understand my niche. It’s the marriage of art + technology that inspires and excites me, and this translates into my work as a graphic and Squarespace web designer.

Because of this magical mix of innate and learned personal + professional talents, my clients get excited at my ability to intuitively capture the essence of their project. The best and most common feedback I receive is that I "just get it". As you can imagine, I NEVER get tired of hearing this.

Why I do what I do:

I love getting to engage with other entrepreneurs and teams that are at the beginning of their journey towards aligning and communicating their brand's authentic essence. Whether it’s their first logo, or a brand refresh, there is excitement, hope, and passion in the air. I want to harness all of that amazing energy and translate it into beautiful design that empower my clients to best showcase who they are and what they do.

Branding and a website you are proud of showing off is a springboard with limitless potential. My hope is to create soulful, beautiful design that is also functional and high-impact. My goal is to transform my clients’ businesses and allow them to thrive.  

Why choose LUM?

I’m really in it for you. I’m rooting for your business to grow and succeed, and I’m honored to be a part of that process. With years of experience in the field of ‘understanding what customers want’, we’ll work closely together to ensure your branding and website are fine-tuned to your target market while showcasing your talents to the world! 

Let's chat! Schedule a free introductory consultation with me here or fill out the design inquiry here.

I look forward to connecting with you soon!