A New Chapter For Bloom Designs Co.

Big changes are happening here at Bloom Designs Company. For the last 2+ years I’ve invested all of my energy and passion into creating purpose-driven brands and websites for solopreneurs and small business owners.

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Friend and advisor Sara Davidson, puts it beautifully when talking about working in your Entrepreneurial Zone of Genius: “What is a constant across the entrepreneurial spectrum...is that in order to thrive -- in terms of fulfillment, impact and profitability -- you must focus on self-awareness and cultivate yourself as the foundation of your business”.

In looking at the data garnered during my first couple years in business, there were some hard truths I had to take into account:

  • Hard Truth #1: I am not a robot, and as much as I’d like to do everything, I simply can’t. There are only so many hours in the day that I can work, and this limits potential growth.

  • Hard Truth #2: Up to now, my services are project-based and not recurring, meaning that my income relies on a constant influx of new clients. As a result, my business relies on constantly seeking out new business opportunities which doesn’t always maximize my creative impact.

  • Hard Truth #3: Cranking out designs all day long is not my cup of tea, and I cannot do and be all things. Strategic visioning, design concepting, quality control, co-creating, yes yes yes. Working as a team and seeing the magic of co-creation unfold? ALSO A BIG YES.

The good news is, I love what I do! And there is a real need for strong design work in the spiritual entrepreneur community. There are creative solutions to every problem (thank you Wayne Dyer). The hard part is decisively and swiftly taking the action to implement those changes. Changes including not only a rebrand, but also a new name.

Why rebranding with a new business name was the right next step:

Changing your business’ name is not something to take lightly. I gave this a lot of very serious thought as I’ve outlined above. Here are the main reasons why I concluded that this was the best decision for me and the future of my business at this time…. (warning, I’m going to use the word align and alignment a lot)...

  1. Bloom Designs Co. is generic and frankly, taken…
    Bloom itself is easy to remember, but sadly, I don’t own “Bloom”. My current business is “Bloom Designs (with an s) Company” and my domain is bloomdesigns.co (.com was taken). I felt I was not only having to cut through the clutter with Bloom, I was also having issues with people accidently dropping the “s” in designs and/or visiting bloomdesigns.com or bloomdesign.com not bloomdesigns.co.

    I want to own the .com and all social handles without having to compete with a large amount of similar-named businesses. I want it to be highly unique and reflect exactly who my brand is and what we offer. Most importantly I need the brand name to be accessible and available! Just as I try to avoid dating unavailable men, I’d also love to avoid having an unavailable brand name. ;)

  2. I’m repositioning
    In assessing the highs and lows of previous years, I thought it was necessary to slightly shift and expand  on what I offer my clients. I want to expand on what’s already working while continuing to meet the needs of my clients by offering:

    1. Strategic Consulting: Intuitive consultations that ensure that your brand aligns simultaneously with who you are as well as the clients you serve.

    2. The Virtual Agency: I absolutely love creative directing and collaborating with other creatives to provide innovative solutions for my clients. I want to offer each client a 360° design experience by tapping into a larger community of spiritual copywriters, illustrators, photographers and digital marketers.

    3. The Marketplace: I recognized the need for supportive DIY experiences outside of my current design packages. This year, I’ll be adding online courses that fill in some gaps for my clients as they launch or relaunch their brands. In the future, it is my hope that the marketplace expands to also include vetted programs and experiences.

    4. The Community - Lightworker HQ: I’ve always craved community and connection in my professional life. Being a solopreneur can be isolating. But it doesn’t have to be. This year, I will be putting time and effort into giving life to a community of creatives that exist at the intersection of spirituality and professionalism.

  3. Aligning to my truth
    Despite the risks of changing my name, my desire to align to my truth—the collaborating, co-creating, and working as a community—won out. I craved a name that reflected the collaborative nature of my business while also shedding light on our unique process and approach to intuitive design.

  4. Bloom can’t be copyrighted
    Yes, in the event that I ever want to copyright my business’s name in the future, Bloom cannot be copyrighted, but my new name sure can...

So it is my pleasure to officially announce that “Bloom Designs Company” is now “The Lūm Collective”!

What does The “Lūm Collective” mean? And what is that line above the “u”?

Uncovering truth has always been at the core of everything I do. As much as a beautifully branded website or logo design brings me joy, empowering my clients to stand in the light of their own truth and wisdom is what truly inspires me as a business owner.

“Lum” is the Latin root word for “light.” Because enlightenment and illumination are at the forefront of my business, I wanted a name that reflected the depth and spirituality of design work.

“Collective” represents the “collective” co-creating experience that happens behind the scenes. Honoring the shift from creation to co-creation and collaboration on client projects.  I do my greatest work when collaborating intuitively with others. I wanted a business name that celebrated this dimension of my creative process.

*The line above the “u” is called a macron. It is a mark used to indicate a long vowel. In this case, it’s my instruction to you to pronounce lum like loom (and not lum, like plum). Hint, hint: it rhymes with bloom.

Things to look forward to:

  • New job opportunities: To be announced via the Lightworker HQ Facebook Group! Join us over here, connect, get support, and stay tuned for future project opportunities.

  • Launch Party!: Come celebrate entrepreneurship and new beginnings with us on February 15th, 5:30-7:30p at WeWork River North. RSVP HERE!

  • Brand Your Light Course: Coming this spring! A next-level, systematic, guided process to help you get clear, grounded and confident in your brand’s identity and answer the questions you have yet to ask yourself about the business you’re launching in a meaningful way. Interested in getting notified when we launch the course?

My passion is to align brands with their “light” and it was time I did the same for myself. By branding myself to better align to my own light, it allows me to fearlessly do that for other people.