STEP 1: relay InspiraTion

Four weeks prior to design start date.

Create a Pinterest board and fill it with visual inspiration. 

Visit and "Follow" us. Then create a secret inspiration board and invite @Bloomdesignsco to the board so we can see what you pin!

    Need tips on what to pin? Start with any of the following...

    • Use “logo” and/or “website design” and/or “branding” with the words used to describe your brand’s personality. Like “traditional + logo” or “playful + website design”.
    • Use the color you know you want incorporated in your design to search for branding inspiration and color palettes you love. For example, search “blue + logo” or “blue color palette”.
    • Want to throw caution to the wind and leverage the law of attraction? Simple type in the search bar “logo” or “branding” or “website design” and see what comes up that strikes your fancy!
    • Also look for things like textures, or even home decor that is visually in alignment with your taste and energy of your brand. Love gold foil? Love Florence, Italy? Love carrera marble? Flowers? Search all of these things and pin what you see that makes you excited!

    STEP 2: complete the design brief

    Three weeks prior to design start date.

    Fill in the brand design brief before your project starts to ensure we're on the same page and our expectations are perfectly aligned. Download your design brief here! Read our blog post on why this is vital to the creative process here.

    STEP 3: WEBSITE Design survey

    Two weeks prior to design start date.

    Fill in your website design brief to relay all of your website functionality and design hopes and dreams. Your private survey will be sent to you with your welcome email.

    STEP 4: Schedule your empowerment coaching sessions online

    Anytime / ASAP

    Use Calendly to schedule your empowerment sessions with me when it's most convenience for you! Here is the link! We will use one of our sessions to review your project brief, website design survey and answer any questions you have and/or anywhere you may have gotten "stuck" or needed some guidance.

    STEP 4: Website Content

    One week until client start date

    Upload your website content (text + photos) to our shared Google folder


    Before the design magic begins, we'll connect quickly to review the process, next steps and make sure all questions have been answered.  Schedule our kick-off call here.

    Typical kick-off call agenda:
    + Review your website content and assets, discuss anything missing
    + Review the upcoming process
    + Discuss designer action items / next steps
    + Discuss client action items / next steps