Fika: Wellness & Midwifery for the Modern Woman


Brand Identity Design Package


Fika is a Swedish term for having a break, usually with coffee and loved ones and is the founder's inspiration behind this brand's identity. Fika's brilliant business owner was looking for a fresh and modern look for her new Midwifery business. A soft and supportive, modern look with an edge, this is not your mama's run-of-the-mill midwifery organization. Our goal was to bring out a warm and feminine feel with a minimalistic/Scandinavian and professional aesthetic for this mold-breaking wellness brand. We could not be more in love with how it turned out and can't wait to see the big and bold growth ahead for Fika!


June 2017


"Right before hiring Bloom, I had just gone through a horrible customer service experience with another similar company. I really wanted to find someone who would be the right fit and would understand my target market and brand. I was nervous it would be difficult or that I'd have to spell out every step. Instead, you immediately knew exactly what I wanted and just took the project over without much input from me which is exactly what I wanted. I had a lot of other things on my plate--including the rest of the business startup and moving across the country--so to trust that this branding piece was taken care of was a huge relief.

I loved seeing it unfold piece by piece! It seemed like each piece was better than the last, and so on point for what I was going for.

You have an intuition that is irreplaceable! I really value people who can balance art and science, and you do it flawlessly! Plus, you were a joy to talk to on the phone--so warm and friendly."

- Maura Winkler, Founder of Fika

Project Team

Jenny Johnson

Julia Marie


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