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What is a Strategy Session?

>> Do you have questions about branding, design, your website, launching your business?

>> Have an idea for a business but have no clue where to start?

>> Need advice on how to present your passion to the world online while maintaining your current career?

>> Stuck in that 9-5 and wondering how to take the leap toward entrepreneurship?

>> Wondering what being an entrepreneur is REALLY like and if it’s right for you?

>> Have a side hustle or established business but wondering how to scale?

Connect with Bloom's Founder Jenny Johnson (via phone or Skype) and brainstorm together. This is one of her favorite things to do as part of her own entrepreneurial journey. From Jenny, "I love meeting and connecting with other entrepreneurial-minded people with big dreams and an openness to shift into a limitless mentality. This is how I get the opportunity to leverage my experience and my own personal “hero’s journey” to help others make big changes in their lives and/or get clarity on how that might be possible and very achievable".

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Why is Jenny a good person to strategize with?

  • 10+ years of experience reinventing herself with a passion for transition and transformation. She has extensive experience in breaking through new industries with little-to-no-experience prior.
  • She has 10+ years of experience in Corporate America. Her background is in business development and strategic account management for startups in advertising and social media marketing software. Most recently she was employee #8 at a tech start-up called Shoutlet that eventually merged and became Spreadfast. She understands both the corporate and tech/startup world.
  • She developed a passion for self-fulfillment, self-development and have trained for 4+ years under Sonia Choquette and Sabrina Choquette-Tully, developing her intuition as a vital tool in her entrepreneurship tool belt, enabling her to be quite the alchemist and intuitive creative director and designer. She deploys all six senses to her life, career and client work. Think, lifestyle by design, with design.
  • She has a unique mix of experience and expertise in corporate experience, self-fulfillment/self-development life experience, and intuitive development training. She acts as a conduit to help bridge the gap between professional mainstream business methods and an infusion of spirituality and mindfulness. The results speak for themselves!

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