Kind Words From Kind Clients


Sonia + Sabrina Choquette-Tully

Jenny Johnson (Bloom) is the most incredible visionary and a tremendously gifted designer and creative director. Jenny got "us" and was able to translate our essence and esthetic into every project she undertakes.  Jenny is gifted at using her intuition to understand her clients deeply and support them fully in translating them into the web and in their branding. We have referred many of our favorite clients to Jenny and her reviews are alway glowing. Her work is consistent and beautiful. She's a pleasure to work with and a gift to business owners and entrepreneurs alike. You will love working with her. We can't speak highly enough of her work. She is a soul sister to us. We absolutely and whole heartedly encourage you to invest in yourself and your business with Jenny. You'll love her as much as we do!



Maura Winkler, Fika and Chicago Birth & Baby

Right before hiring Bloom, I had just gone through a horrible customer service experience with another similar company. I really wanted to find someone who would be the right fit and would understand my target market and brand. I was nervous it would be difficult or that I'd have to spell out every step. Instead, you immediately knew exactly what I wanted and just took the project over without much input from me which is exactly what I wanted. I had a lot of other things on my plate--including the rest of the business startup and moving across the country--so to trust that this branding piece was taken care of was a huge relief.

I loved seeing it unfold piece by piece! It seemed like each piece was better than the last, and so on point for what I was going for.

You have an intuition that is irreplaceable! I really value people who can balance art and science, and you do it flawlessly! Plus, you were a joy to talk to on the phone--so warm and friendly.



Sonia Choquette, Teacher and New York Times Best-Selling Author

Jenny is an incredible, intuitive, creative visionary. There is no one better equipped to beautifully and powerfully translate your spirit and work into the best, most dynamic brand and website possible.


Alisa Singer

Artist and Founder, Environmental Graphiti

With her extraordinary creativity, enthusiasm and initiative, Jenny has taken my project to the next level and far beyond. She is skilled, talented and remarkably efficient. She transformed my website from something I reluctantly shared (with many disclaimers) to a trophy piece that I now show with great pride -  a beautiful destination that showcases my work. She then dragged me  kicking and screaming into the realm of social media where she ably established me and my project with an attractive and meaningful presence. And did I mention she is an absolute joy to work with? She is so incredible that the worst side of me really doesn't want you to know about her - she's a treasure I'd like to keep for myself. But she deserves better, so, now you know.

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James G. Keane

Former President & CEO, Boys & Girls Clubs of Chicago

My consulting business handbill started out as merely text on a page, and as result of Jenny's creative work, I now have a wonderful eye-catching brochure that really captures the essence of the value I provide. Jenny has terrific attention to all of the visual details, from color to layout to images.  Importantly, she also understands the internet and media context for the distribution and publication of my brochure.  She helped me very efficiently set up a simple website for my business, saving me a great deal of time.  I couldn't be more pleased.

Jonathan Abramson

Founder, Tech Johny

From over 1000 miles away Jenny was able to take our companies mission statement and create a brand. Within hours of our initial phone call we had a multiple logos to choose from. Within days she had business cards designed and delivered staff around the country. Within a week we had a fully functioning website. Clients comment often how vibrant, clean and easy to use our website is. Thanks to Jenny, is now open for business providing technology support to anyone, anywhere, anytime.

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Mary Keane

Founder and Editor, Plot & Prose

Working with Jenny is a delightful, creative experience. I wanted my fiction editing website to have the look of “classic literature.” I sent Jenny bits and pieces of images I liked, and she pulled them all together to give me a logo and website that completely captured the ideas in my head. Her design garnered me compliments and clients, and I would use her again in a heartbeat. 

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Dylan Hood

Founder, Freedom House Reentry, Education and Employment Corporation (FREE)

The best thing about working with Jenny is when I described what I wanted in a website, she got it immediately! I didn't have to micro-manage her work. She intuitively knows what you need and addresses it. Everyone that goes to my organization's website loves it! Jenny is wonderful to work with.