Right before hiring Bloom, I had just gone through a horrible customer service experience with another similar company. I really wanted to find someone who would be the right fit and would understand my target market and brand. I was nervous it would be difficult or that I'd have to spell out every step. Instead, you immediately knew exactly what I wanted and just took the project over without much input from me which is exactly what I wanted. I had a lot of other things on my plate--including the rest of the business startup and moving across the country--so to trust that this branding piece was taken care of was a huge relief.

I loved seeing it unfold piece by piece! It seemed like each piece was better than the last, and so on point for what I was going for.

You have an intuition that is irreplaceable! I really value people who can balance art and science, and you do it flawlessly! Plus, you were a joy to talk to on the phone--so warm and friendly.

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